What is the Compassionate Access Program?

Anybody who has used medicinal cannabis will know that the cost of prescriptions can quickly mount up. As cannabis products are not licensed in Australia there is no PBS subsidy available. Some health funds are starting to cover part of the cost of the medication, but this remains far from universal. We often come across patients who we feel would benefit from a trial of a medicinal cannabis product, but who simply can’t afford to give it a try.

Medcan Australia have partnered with Cann I Help to establish our Compassionate Access Program. Through the program we are able to subsidize the cost of Medcan products for patients, depending on their clinical and financial situation. We can offer subsidies of up to 50% for patients most at need.

We don’t want any patients to be unable to access medicinal cannabis on cost grounds. The Compassionate Access Program is our way of offering a helping hand.


Accessing the Compassionate Access Program for External Doctors

Step 1

Register for the Cann I Help Doctors Portal using this link

Step 2

Your application will be reviewed by our team within 24h.  You will receive email confirmation once your account has been activated.

Step 3

Log into the Cann I Help Doctors Portal using the link provided in the email – you can access prescribing resources, educational materials and our comprehensive Cannabis Formulary.

Step 4

Register a patient by clicking “My Patients” from the main menu then “Add New” and complete the form.  You will need to upload TGA approvals and supporting evidence.

Step 5

Send a prescription.  Electronic prescriptions can be emailed to [email protected] directly from your electronic record system.  Paper prescriptions can be uploaded through the portal and then mailed to Cann I Help Dispensary.

Bringing compassion to people in need